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We Are The Hunter Region’s Leading Newcastle Surveyor

We have over 20 year experience in Newcastle and the Hunter region. Our expert surveyors use the latest equipment and make sure they understand what you need and deliver that need with accuracy and on time. The team at Surveyors Newcastle are able to draw on local knowledge as well as an understanding of City of Newcastle Council requirements. to make sure you get what you need first time.

We specialise in detail surveys (also known as contour surveys, feature surveys, or topographical surveys) and identification reports (also known as an ident report or identification survey).

We also provide a comprehensive range of other surveying services. We do boundary marking, building set out, redefinition plans, subdivision, lot consolidation, and more.

Surveying Services

Need a surveyor in Newcastle or the Hunter region? We’re the best in the business and can fit you in soon.

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Detail Surveys

Building or renovating? The Council will require you to provide a detail survey. Surveyors Newcastle are the leading surveyors.

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Identification Reports

An identification report shows boundaries to a block of land and an outline of any buildings on that land.

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If you’re not sure what you need, just give us a call and talk to one of our experienced surveyors. We also have a team of construction surveyors and civil surveyors. We work on some of the biggest construction and civil projects in and around the Newcastle area. We work on multi-level construction, hospitals, schools, car parks, roads, railways, bridges, and more.

We are based in Newcastle but work all across the Hunter Valley from Nelson Bay to Swansea, up to Raymond Terrace, out to Maitland, Branxton, Kurri Kurri, and Cessnock, and around Charlestown, Cardiff, Wallsend and New Lambton. If you’re anywhere in the Hunter then we’ve surveyed in your area.

Quality Assurance

Surveyors Newcastle have developed their own in-house Quality Assurance system which allows us to prevent mistakes. We use checklists at all stages of the surveying process for all of our surveying services, including our 25-point Detail Survey Checklist. Our surveyors are highly skilled, highly accurate and will ensure that the survey we deliver you makes it easy for designers such as architects, drafts people, and engineers to design off. All our surveyors are experts using CAD software. Our surveys will also be accepted by the City of Newcastle first time, every time.


Our Expert Team

Surveyors Newcastle Is The Market Leader In Delivering Quality

Surveyors Newcastle is the market leader in delivering quality, comprehensive and objective surveys to the Hunter region. We can talk you through your requirements so you’re clear on what the Council (or your lender or builder) has requested you provide.

We have sure we hire the best surveyors and have strict a strict vetting process when we go through the recruitment process. We have the best residential, construction and commercial surveyors in Newcastle.


Cost Effective


It’s hard to provide a ball park figure as to the cost of different types of survey. There’s too many variables that affect the price such as land size, land shape, topography, and depth of information at the NSW Titles Registry. As a rule of thumb, as the size of the land increases, so does the price. As the shape of the block moves away from a rectangle, the price increases. As the topography of a parcel of land gets more uneven or “hilly”, the price of a survey increases, and the less information held at the Land Titles Registry, the more expensive a survey gets. What we can guarantee is that we’re competitive and can provide a no-obligation quote if you tell us the address of the land you need surveyed and what type of survey you require.

If you need a Newcastle surveyor please contact us on 02 4044 2804 to have a confidential chat about your requirements. We have an expert waiting to take your call. If you know what type of survey you need and what your land size is then just fill out our Quote Request Form on Quote page and we’ll come back to you shortly with a no-obligation quote.


Areas Serviced

Our mission at Surveyors Newcastle is to provide fast accurate surveys to the residential sector of Newcastle at an affordable price. Fast accurate surveys make the job of other professionals such as architects and builders, easier. They also get accepted by the council without delay. We deliver this with a three pronged combination of, 1) expert staff, 2) local knowledge, and 3) a quality assurance system. We have a strong client base that always tell us we do great surveying work and great to deal with. We want every single person we survey for to be happy with us.

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