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Detail Survey

Detail Survey

A Detail Survey (also known as a Contour Survey, Feature Survey, or Topographic Survey) is required by the City of Newcastle Council if you are intending to build or extend. They’re also used for property valuation purposes or to plot flood levels if you have drainage issues. The survey will show positioning of existing structures (buildings, trees, pools etc), neighbouring structures, setbacks, and levels/contours. Architects, planners and engineers will use this survey when making their designs. A Detail Survey is the most common type of survey needed by residential clients. They need to know the exact features and levels of the site.

Detail Survey

A Detail Survey is typically used for

  • When building a new property
  • When extending a property
  • To assist in a property valuation
  • Assessment of drainage issues and to plot any known flood levels

A Detail Survey is used by

  • Your local Council as part of your DA
  • Professional designers such as architects and engineers
  • Land valuers

Typical features of a Detail Survey include;

  • Contours
  • Spot levels
  • Site co-ordination and location of true north
  • Kerb levels
  • Ridge and gutter heights
  • Ridge and gutter heights for adjacent buildings
  • Floor height
  • Outline of adjacent buildings
  • Window position and heights for adjacent buildings that face the subject site
  • Location of existing visible services (sewerage, power poles, telephone)
  • Location, height and width of trees and large bushes
  • Driveways, fences, retaining walls, and drainage
  • Location of ancillary structures (garden sheds, pergolas)
  • Level benchmark to Australian Height Datum (AHD) where applicable
Complete Survey
How Much Does A Detail Survey Cost?

It depends on a number of factors. The size of your land will affect the price. The bigger the land, the higher the cost. The slope and topography of your block of land will have a major bearing. A flat block is easy to survey while a hilly block with a lot of different levels will be harder and therefore more expensive. The shape of your lot will also be a factor. A rectangular or square block is easier to survey than a block that is not uniform. The amount of information at the NSW Land Registry also affects the price. Surveyors use existing information as part of the Detail Survey preparation and if there’s hardly any information held at the Registry then it will take longer to survey the land. It’s pretty hard to be able to provide pricing for Detail Surveys without having an address. If you’re looking for a price on a Detail Survey then get in touch and we will be able to provide you a no-obligation quotation.

Have You Been Asked To Get A Detail Survey?

Surveyors Newcastle’s experienced surveyors use the best field equipment and the best CAD software to make sure your plans are accurate so that the process is fast and seamless. We make sure our detail surveys have a high level of accuracy so architects, planners and engineers can make their designs. We have over 20 years local knowledge of the Newcastle area and Hunter region.