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Identification Survey

Identification Report

An Identification Survey is used to identify a parcel of land. It establishes the position of boundaries. An Identification Survey will show the location of structures such as buildings, fences, and retaining walls, as well as easements in relation to the boundaries. The report will identify if the fences are not on the boundary or if any neighbouring properties are encroaching on your land. The main purposes of an Identification Survey is to;

Identification Survey
  • Establish the location of the property boundary according to references from the NSW Land Registry Service
  • Locate the buildings with respect to the boundaries
  • Determine possible encroachments by or upon the land
  • Investigate any easements (drains etc), restrictions, or covenants over the land that are noted on the Title

Why you might need an Identification Report

An Identification Survey is typically requested when buying or selling property. It will usually be requested by legal professionals or lending institutions

  • Your mortgage provider requires you to get one when you purchase property
  • The Council require one following the completion of construction works
  • You have a boundary dispute with a neighbour

Why does an Ident Report have to be done by a Registered Surveyor?

An Identification Survey Report must be prepared and signed by a Registered Surveyor (sometimes known as a Cadastral Surveyor). Only a registered surveyor can legally define a boundary in NSW according to the Surveying and Spatial Information Act 2002 (NSW). This is to better control the quality and integrity of land boundaries which are lodged with the NSW Land Registry. If any surveyor were allowed to define boundaries then the records at the Land Registry would get conflicted very easily. Cadastral surveying is very specific and takes specialised training. You can’t have surveyors who specialise in civil or construction defining the occasional boundary!

If you have a boundary dispute (now or in the future) then if your identification survey hasn’t been done by a registered surveyor then it has no legal authenticity. The Land Titles Registry does not recognise boundary surveys that haven’t been surveyed by a registered surveyor.

Other Names For Identification Report

Typically, people don’t decide to get Ident Reports by themselves. Usually, a financial institution or your local Council will request it. Different bodies use different terminology so if you have been asked to provide any of the below surveys/reports, they’re all interchangeable terms for an Identification Report;

  • Ident Report
  • Ident Survey
  • Ident
  • Identification Survey
  • Survey Report
Looking For An Identification Report In Newcastle Or The Hunter Region?

Now that you what an Identification Survey is and why you have been requested to provide one, you’ll need to find a local surveyor who can help. Surveyors Newcastle can provide an accurate and timely Survey Report. We have over twenty years experience working locally as well as working with NSW Land Registry Services. You can reach out to us by either calling us now on 02 4044 2804 or sending through a quote request.