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Why do you need a land surveyor in Newcastle?

All type of constructions or property related work requires a land survey. A land survey helps in identifying the boundary lines of the property, surveying the surrounding obstacles, and identifying more details about the property which helps in drafting the design of the building. The right survey can only be conducted by a qualified surveyor as surveying involves implications of mathematical concepts, trigonometry, coordinate geometry, and other engineering concepts. Thus, it is suggested to get the land survey done by a licensed and qualified surveyor. In this post here, we will be discussing the need for a surveyor in Newcastle or in other words why do you need a land surveyor in Newcastle?

Why Do You Need a Land Surveyor in Newcastle?

It is always suggested to get the land survey done through a qualified and registered surveyor. Here are the reasons why you need to get the survey done by a registered surveyor.

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Surveyor is Licensed

A licensed surveyor is required as the survey report is to be signed only by a registered surveyor. If you are not hiring a registered surveyor then you are wasting your money and survey will also not be accepted by the city/ state council.

Professional Liability Insurance

A registered land surveyor always has professional liability insurance which means you will be protected against the mistakes made by the surveyor. So, whenever you are looking for a land surveyor in Newcastle, do check for the liability insurance.

Knowing the Actual Property Dimensions

A land surveyor has the actual knowledge of land dimensions as per the council guidelines. So, he will survey the property/ land based on these guidelines. Thus, you will know the exact dimensions of the land. This will also save you from any encroachment.

Compliance with Laws

The council has set laws regarding different land types and what construction can bed done on these lands. The type, size, structure, etc. details are mentioned in the guidelines. A qualified land surveyor is always aware of these guidelines and will help you with all the construction possibilities so that the construction you carry out comply with the laws.

Guidelines for the Design and Architecture

A well-prepared survey report always guides the architect and designers in drafting the plan for the building. And obstacles in the construction are mentioned in the report and the same can be taken care of while making the construction layout.

Thus, it is important to do some research before hiring a land surveyor. A qualified land surveyor will always benefit you. While many people start construction without any survey, it is always the right choice to get a land survey done. It will require some additional expense but will surely save you cost in the long-term. With an approved survey report you will never have to worry about any legal hassle. You can get in touch with Surveyors Newcastle to hire a registered and experienced land surveyor in Newcastle. Our team have more than 20 years of experience in surveying all type of lands and properties.