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What to look for when choosing a surveyor?

Once you have found your dream property, it is always the right decision to go for a land/ property surveying before starting any renovation/ construction. Surely, your mortgage provider will conduct a property valuation survey but a structural survey of the property will give you the real idea about the property/ land. However, choosing the right surveyor also requires a bit of research as many are working illegally. Here we are providing the list of things which you need to look for when choosing a surveyor.

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What to Look For When Choosing a Surveyor?

Registration/ License

As mentioned above that many are working illegally as a surveyor, the first thing to look for is registration. Make sure that the surveyor you are going to hire is registered or licensed. Moreover, only the survey report signed by a registered surveyor is considered legal and accepted by the council. If the surveyor is not registered, you are just wasting your money.

A registered surveyor will have professional liability insurance which will save you from any liabilities occurring due to mistakes done on surveyor’s part in the report. Another benefit of hiring a registered surveyor is he is well aware of the council/ state guidelines for the property survey. So, you adhere to laws.

Local Knowledge

A surveyor who is locally-based is easy to access and also he will be aware of the surrounding. His knowledge of the local area, buildings, and properties will be of great help. In case, your property is of special type or you are planning any unique construction, you must talk with the surveyor about his experience with that type of property/ land.


Experienced surveyors will always mean quick and better results. Considering the experience of the surveyor is also a good point to look for. An experienced surveyor will be aware of the laws and will know how to work smoothly.

Survey Cost/ Price

While looking for surveyors, do get a price quote from them for comparison. Some also offer no-obligation quotes. Not only the price but also ask them about the services that will be covered under the price. This will help in making the right comparison. Some surveyors might quote a less price but then just give you a short survey report while you wanted a detailed one. So, discuss your requirements as well as package inclusions while asking for a price quote. Also, discuss the hidden costs.


Last but not the least, clients’ reviews. Maybe this can be the first thing you check while looking for a surveyor. Check out the track record of the surveying company you are interested in. Check the testimonials of their previous clients, if provided. Previous clients’ reviews always help in hiring any service.

Now that you know all the points to look for in a good surveyor, check out Surveyors Newcastle company which is offering surveying services for more than two decades. It meets all the above requirements and you will surely get a detailed and reliable survey report. Get in touch.


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