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How Surveying services can benefit you in the long term?

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Everyone wants to make the right decision in the very first place rather than learning from mistakes. These decisions become even more crucial in cases where the investment is large.

In case you are planning a construction or buying a house, correct evaluation of the land becomes quite important for better construction and making your house investment fruitful. It is only with these evaluations that effective construction plans are prepared especially for multi-story buildings. On the other hand, since you are investing a large chunk of your savings to buy a house, you need to identify all the obstacles in the perimeter of your property to know if it’s worthwhile to invest.

To help with all such issues pertaining to a piece of land, a land surveying process comes to the rescue. A land survey basically encompasses determining the position of points on the surface of the earth and measuring the distances, directions, angles, and elevation between them. This data when collected is used to create accurate digital maps of beneath and above the surface. As the Newcastle region has a wide diversity in topography, availing services of local Newcastle surveyors becomes crucial to correctly evaluate the land to make maximum out of your investment.

A land survey process is mainly involved in three essential plannings namely:

  • Residential survey
  • Construction survey
  • Civil survey

While the construction survey can be attributed as pre-planning for effective construction, residential surveys are post surveys specifically availed for evaluating a property before investing and to avoid any future legal disputes. In Civil construction processes, the survey plays an even more important role as you need to evaluate all the shortcomings to avoid any incident which might be a deterrent to human life and property.

To help you understand the benefits of land surveying, let’s discuss all these above-mentioned surveying areas in detail.

Residential Surveys

With the help of a detailed property survey, you can find out the important details of the house and the land below it. Though in an effort to save money, many home buyers skip this process but the benefits and protection residential surveys offer outweigh the cost of the service.

Since buying a property is a big financial move, property surveying becomes an absolute must to determine whether or not you are getting what you are paying for. With the correct assessment and mapping, a residential survey helps to identify and eliminate any problems or discrepancies. A residential survey can help you with:

  • Eliminating disputes over boundary lines and corners with neighbors.
  • Outlining issues with fencing and buildings.
  • The zoning classification of the property.
  • Subdivision and lot consolidations plans.
  • Identify underground cables, drains, and other public utility infrastructure.
  • Right of way and easements on a property.

Construction Surveys

This survey is crucial to plan and design construction projects as it provides all the necessary and essential information for creating an efficient building structure. It provides all the relevant information about markers and reference points to guide the new construction of buildings.

Besides serving as guides these reference points and markers also help to determine the limit of the work area. Not only this helps to determine the scope of the project but also aids in compliance with council requirements and regulations. Apart from this, a construction survey offers:

  • Base mapping for effective building design by architects.
  • Verifying the location of surrounding structures.
  • Drainage, sewer, pipeline setout.
  • Flood risk assessments.

Civil Surveys

When it comes to public infrastructure projects, there is so much at stake. A minor error can lead to major incidents putting many lives and vast property in danger. As civil projects provide a channel of interaction among a lot of people from different regions it is crucial to ensure the safeguard and longevity of such spaces.

This survey process involves recording and assessing details of an area to create a 3-D relationship among different locations. With this established relationship, one can know the best action plan for safe and sound construction be it road laying, railway lines, bridges, and pipelines. Various advanced technologies like CAD, GPS data, point cloud modeling are used to identify and eliminate each minute problem in this process to provide the best construction.

With such useful benefits of surveys either for construction planning and evaluating a property, it becomes a must for each potential investor to avail survey services.

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