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Planning for fence installation? Better survey your property line first!

The fence is really a serious matter for every property. It helps to keep intruders or any individual without permission at bay as well as denote the boundary. Speaking of the boundary line, how do you know if you have installed the fence to the exact property line?

If you have a plan for fence installation, experts’ advice is to hire a land surveyor before breaking the ground. Having a land survey by7 professionals can save plenty of time, money, and headaches regarding the fencing project. Go through the following passages for more info.

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Land Survey Is Not A DIY Job

Fence installation is definitely not for DIY and so the property survey before installing a fence. It’s not smart nor recommended to simply go with what the fence installer says about the property border. Instead, be serious about installing the fence right and within code by hiring a qualified and proficient land survey company.

Fence installation comes with variables, not only regarding the sizing and installation of the fence but also about the property line. While you may be seeking to cut costs anywhere possible, using a professional land surveyor ensures it will get done correctly. Plus, you would not have to remove or relocate the fence panels down the road.

Determining Legal Property Lines

Trying to detect the property line with bare eyes or hearsay from the previous owner or real estate agent is a dead-end road. And, it is not rare that fence contractor would proclaim their knowledge of determining begins and ends of the property.

But the information land surveyors utilize to determine the property outline is collected directly from the deeds and record plat maps of the country. Unlike DIY or using fencing contractors, you will not have to experience difficulty having the data.

Consequences of Ignoring Property Lines

Primarily, installing your fence crossing into the neighbor’s property can upset your neighbor. The neighbor can sue you, though it depends on his/her disposition. In addition, violating property outlines requires a fine. And there is, of course, time, labor, and cost involved in uprooting the fence and reinstalling it.

Compensation, lawsuits, removal, and reinstallation – all these bring huge headaches. And it is the reason, spending for a land survey before fence installation is valuable for both the short and long run.

Working with a professional land surveyor like Surveyors Newcastle is, therefore, a great solution. Using their knowledge and experience during the survey, the land surveyors will save you from huge problems.