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Land Surveying Services: Boundary Survey Vs. Topographical Survey

So, you have just bought a new land! And, it’s left a couple of months to start your new construction. But before that, don’t you think it will be great to get land surveying services? The residential survey comes with not only a detailed inspection of your property but an identification report.

When it comes to developing the land, our surveyors suggest two different surveys- boundary and topographical. Most homeowners consider it as the similar one but not that so. Ahead of getting services from us, have a brief knowledge of it.

Differences between boundary and topographical surveys

Before we start, you should have an idea of the land survey first. Our land surveying services are implemented for various purposes. From residential to construction and civil projects- we get all covered.

The process involves both boundary and topographical surveys but with different focal points. Such as:

Boundary survey

Needless to mention, the homeowners often put the fences around their property and yard to mark the boundary of their land. Honestly, the fences do not legally define it. Even encroaching two feet on your neighbour’s can cause boundary dispute.

The boundary survey helps you identify the accurate property lines that can prove your legal right on the land and how long it extends. The process focuses on the land corners and improves the boundary marking.

Our surveyors will provide you with a clear picture and sketch of your land once the survey gets completed. The drawing shows a precise measurement of your land that may involve:

After the completion of the boundary survey, the drawing comes with detailed lot dimension measurements. The survey sketch shows the accurate boundary lines of your land.

In the boundary survey, you can find the land improvements by previous owners, if there are any. For example, the modifications of the garage and pools will be included in the survey identification report.

As mentioned before, people build fences on their land assuming a limit as their property lines. Though our surveyors include the fences in the drawing, the property outline does not consider the fencing.

Topographical survey

Like the previous one, it doesn’t focus on the property lines only. The purpose of a topographical survey involves the identification of the hand-made and natural features included in the land.

This survey report contains the building height, roof improvements, trees within your land with the entire location around the property. In the Topographical survey, our surveyors keep the focus on the elevation rather than the horizontal as covered in the boundary survey. It helps to identify and draw the contour lines of the ground map.

In the residential survey, our surveyors identify the land levels, including the roof heights, structure, and easements. If you need help in this regard, contact us now!