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Land Surveying – 5 Myths That You Should Not Believe!

The importance of land surveying can’t be underestimated. It provides an accurate depiction of a plot. And this is what will help you in purchasing land in the right direction. Nevertheless, many people still believe a few misconceptions about land surveying.

Are you one of them? Then before making such a huge investment, it’s imperative to clear off the myths first. And that’s where this blog will help. Here, you will come across a few myths about the land survey, which you should ignore. So, let’s take a look at these!

Ignore These Misconceptions about Land Surveying

If you are going to buy land for building a property, you must get the land surveyed first. But prior to that, ignore the following myths.

1. Land Surveying Is Quite Expensive

Getting a land survey can actually save you money in the long run. Without a land survey, the chance of committing mistakes is high during the design and construction process. And these mistakes will cost you more for rectification. Hence, before you buy land, get it surveyed by a land surveyor. And get peace of mind in return for your investment.

2. The Existing Fence Is the Property Line

If fences are placed around the land, many people consider these as the property line. But it’s not so. Remember, the fence may be placed incorrectly. Therefore, one should not depend on it to identify the property line. The technology of land surveying is getting advanced day by day. Hence, it’s prudent not to assume based on the fence. Hire a professional surveyor to get it done.

3. You Can Build a Property Without a Survey

Nowadays, many people even still commit this blunder. If you build a home without surveying your land, you may encroach upon the land of your neighbour. And this is what may lead you to face significant consequences. And you have to tear down your hard work.

4. You Don’t Need a Survey as Your Land Was Already Surveyed

It’s better not to rely on the old land survey. If you get it done long ago, the chance is high that there are some mistakes. However, the process of conducting a land survey has been changed drastically, which will give you an accurate result. Therefore, you need not think twice to get your land surveyed again to avoid hassles.

5. Neighbours Don’t Encroach on Property Lines

You might think that all neighbours are good. But the property line can be the main reason why a contradiction takes place between you and your neighbours. Hence, to mitigate the conflict, it’s better to survey your land with a professional. These experts will establish the right property line.

So, what’s holding you back? Attain our assistance to get your land surveyed accurately. We have 20 years of experience in offering this service in Newcastle and the Hunter region. Our professionals use advanced tools and equipment to do their tasks. So, fix your appointment with us and read our other blogs for more detail.