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Land survey: A comprehensive guide on boundary disputes!

So, you have bought new land, and you are all set to start your construction project. But, hold a minute! Have you thought of getting a detail survey before the builders start constructing your home?

Land surveying is a MUST if you want to avoid legal matters like boundary disputes with your neighbours. The survey process helps in boundary marking and ensures fence placement as well.

According to the legal service commission in Australia, retaining wall and fencing disputes between the adjacent properties are quite common. That’s why a residential survey is mandatory unless you will experience legal problems.

Reasons for boundary disputes and encroachment

The boundary marking is essential when you are planning to do any of the following things. For example:

  • You want to build a retaining wall or fence around your property. There can be chances that you encroach on your neighbours’.
  • The tree leaves keep your patios dirty. Why don’t you remove it? Anyway, are you sure that the tree comes into your property line? If not, it can be a reason for boundary dispute.
  • While thinking of installing a new driveway, get a land survey. Otherwise, you can encroach on the adjacent property. The surveyors can help you outline the property clearly.

An inaccurate boundary can lead you to disputes regarding encroachment. And, if you are talking about the fences, they cannot define the property line. Our licensed surveyors will clear the misinterpretation and errors during the survey. Also, you can get accurate data before the construction project starts.

How to know your boundaries

If you have planned for new fencing or retaining wall in your land, ask our professional surveyors to help you out. Boundary marking is the best idea to avoid encroaching onto the adjacent property.

You can ask your surveyors to mark an accurate boundary line around your property. They have advanced equipment to identify your property line and ensure the fencing placement.

Once you get accurate information about your boundary measurement, it will be easy to fence the area or build the retaining wall. Moreover, you can consider a comprehensive plan regarding this consulting our surveyors ASAP.

What if the neighbour is encroaching on your property?

Apart from your boundary marking, you can get in touch with our surveyors if you doubt your neighbours invade your land. As mentioned before, fencing cannot define one as the owner of the land. It can be inaccurate, though.

Hence, you have the right to claim boundary or encroach dispute if you find your neighbour overlap into your land. Before contacting a lawyer, assure your doubt. And, our surveying services can help you out here. The process includes:

  • The surveyors will assess your land and mark the boundary with accuracy.
  • Measuring the location and mapping the property line
  • Obtaining the office records of your property details
  • A thorough site survey and setting up a plan after getting the identification report

Finally, the experts will suggest to you the ways to get over the issues. For instance, you can talk to your neighbours. Sometimes, they remain unaware of encroaching onto your property.

Contact us today if you need a land survey!