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Here’s How to Prepare for a Survey of a Residential Property

When it comes to selling a residential property, conducting a survey is essential. It means professional surveyors will inspect your property to highlight structural damages or defects. As a result, you can understand whether the property is in good condition. But the entire process of selling a residential property is stressful. And waiting for surveying services can be rather intimidating. But don’t worry! In this blog, we have introduced a few tips that will help prepare your property to be surveyed. So, let’s have a look at these!

Tips to Prepare a Property to Be Surveyed

The following tips can ensure a quick and smooth process for a property survey.

Make Sure the Property Is Empty

Before the surveyors arrive, make sure your house is empty. There should be only one or two people to greet the surveyors. Collect all the keys. Open the windows and check all rooms. But it depends on the types of survey you want to conduct. All surveys need access to loft or attic to ensure they are attainable. And don’t forget to mark down the restricted area.

Gather Relevant Documents

Gather all necessary documents beforehand to ensure an efficient survey. Show the documents include a Planning Permission Notice, Energy Performance Certificate, etc. These will encourage better results. Besides, you should keep Electrical Test Certificate, Gas Safety Certificate on your Hands.

Clear the Windowsills

The surveyors may check windowsills and fireplaces. Windowsills are common places for mould and dampness to build up. Hence, Windowsills should be examined. Therefore, remove all plants to ensure a smoother survey. This approach reduces the chance of delays and makes the survey more efficient. The surveyors will check whether the windows are double glazed or not.

Fix Minor Issues

It’s prudent to fix minor issues before surveying a property. Smaller issues such as cracked tiles, mould, hairline cracks are easy to eliminate. Eliminating these faults can improve the condition of a property. After fixing these issues, note down the major problems you uncover and tell them to the experts. The different services they offer include:

  • Detail survey
  •  Boundary marking
  • Building set out
  • Lot consolidation

Focus on All Electricals

It’s wise to take a close look at the electrical and condition of wires. But don’t try to do anything that you are unsure of. Check the condition of the wires both inside and outside of the house. And make sure all lights are working properly.

Pay Attention to the Outside of the Property

Checking the outside of a property is also crucial while preparing for a survey. Take a look at the roof to check if there are any missing tiles or cracks. Pay attention to the guttering for blockages and leaks.

Move Furnishing Items Away from Walls

Move furnishing items, which will allow the surveyors to access the property easily. Otherwise, removing the obstruction can delay the inspection. So, push the furniture to the middle of the room. But make sure you create an easy path to avoid accidents.

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