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Boundary identification: Does residential surveying make sense?

While building or buying a new home, you need to keep some essential facts in mind. No matter if you own a home or decide on the latter one, you may not have an idea of what you are stepping into.

A land or old home can contain several risks that are must mitigate. Especially when it comes to boundaries, legal matters get involved. That’s why getting surveying services is a smart decision before taking any further step.

Our surveyors can help you in a boundary identification survey that can let you know detailed and accurate data regarding this. Have a look!

Misconception about boundary identification

Every fact has different MYTHS that let people away from the truth. And, the same goes for the boundary identification of land or home. For most homeowners, fences are the marker of the boundary of a property that decides where your home ends and the neighbour’s starts.

The TRUTH is that a fence cannot ever define the boundary of a property or home. It does not matter if it is placed ideally. Our surveying services can help you know the exact location of your property boundary.

How does boundary identification survey work?

This survey can accurately identify the boundaries of your property. The procedure includes the position of the boundary with offset marks. It represents a plan that is an identification report. The plan contains detailed data of the boundary and its connected structure adjacent to it.

Also, it confirms the title that gets a hold of the land, including the easements. Apart from this:

  • A boundary identification survey can recognize and confirm the accurate location of your property boundaries on the ground.
  • The identification report of the boundary shows if the fences are in the proper position.
  • The report will help to identify the spot of retaining walls connected to the boundaries.
  • With boundary survey identification, you can identify any structure like sheds, adjacent building, driveways, and so on.
  • The identification reports can highlight the spots that result in boundary disputes in the long run.
  • Our surveyors can help you know the dimensions of the boundary and property with a boundary identification survey.

What could be the risks of avoiding land survey?

While buying a home or land, it’s merely possible to identify problems with the land. Yet, before you get into the deal and sign the contract, make sure to get a land survey from us.

If you will skip the boundary identification survey, you can experience the following risks:

  • Suppose you plan to sell the land in some years. Without having accurate boundary marks, it can be challenging to do so.
  • Fences don’t define boundaries. Hence, you can encroach on your neighbour’s property that may cost you higher to rectify.
  • Incorrect placement of fences can cause boundary disputes with adjacent properties.
  • You may have to spend thousands of dollars fencing your land again.

So what keeps you waiting! Contact us to get a boundary identification survey and report on your property. We ensure you accuracy and precision in the details.