Knowing the development potential of a property is very essential before investing any money. Surveying helps in detailed analysis and identifying any legal issues related to the property. Thus, hiring a surveying service can never go wrong. And, as you have reached here, your search for the right surveyor in Raymond Terrace ends right now. With more than 20 years of experience in surveying and dealing with councils and other authorities, Surveyors Newcastle company has specialised in delivering results with no complications. You don’t have to worry about anything after hiring us. Just sit back and relax. Of course, we will keep you posted about the updates in the project.

How Does Our Process Work?

Now that you have reached here, here’s how our process work. It is a simple process to hire the service.

Request a Quote/ Get in Touch

Go to the ‘Quote’ page. Fill the form with details such as name, phone, property address, approximate land size, and scope of work. Answer the question and ‘Submit’ the details. After analysing your request, we will get back in touch with the quote and discuss all the details.


You can directly call us and get the quote. We will ask some questions about your requirements and then give a price quote accordingly. The quote we provide is free of obligations. You can surely compare the quote with other providers and get back to us anytime.

Hiring Services

In case you decide to hire our service, just give us a call to confirm the same. We will then visit the site, discuss the details such as cost, payment modes, timeline, etc. You can also ask your queries anytime. As soon as the services are hired, we start the work immediately to save time as well as cost.

Providing Updates

While our surveyors are working on the project, you will be kept posted about any major findings. We keep our clients informed about the project progress. The surveying is carried out in adherence with the Council norms. Surveying includes confirming the size of the land, looking for any hindrances/ obstacles in the construction, analysing the pipelines, estimating the actual cost of the property, and much more as per the service you have hired.

Project Delivery

After the surveying is complete, a detailed report about the finding is prepared and signed by a registered surveyor. You can then submit the report at the council to start your construction work. All our report are approved instantly at once. We have in-depth knowledge of what the council wants. The reports depend upon the nature of the service you have hired. We have complete guidelines of the council for all type of surveying and we adhere to those strictly while carrying out any project.

After the report is handed over if you have any doubt about any point of the report, you can contact us without any hesitation. Our surveyor will explain the point in detail for clarifying your doubt.

We strive to offer the most effective surveying solutions.