Surveyors Newcastle has a history of the way back for more than 20 years. The company is based in Newcastle offering its services in hunter region, Cardiff, Cessnock, Edgeworth, Belmont, Kotara, Lambton, Kurri, Kurri, and other nearby regions. The company have grown to different spheres of Surveying over the past two decades maintaining its trust among the local clients. For your surveying requirements in Kurri Kurri, we are the best.

When Do You Need Surveying?

Surveying is required in various scenarios such as property construction (residential and commercial), property purchase and sale, the extension of any project, engineering projects, etc. We will be discussing some of these below to know how surveying can help you in these scenarios:

Property Construction

Detailed knowledge of the land before starting with the construction is necessary to avoid any legal hassles in future. After all, you will be investing a large amount on the construction. In this case, you can hire our Land Surveying service. It will help you in knowing the exact boundary lines, save you from encroachment, etc. Although the contractor must have informed you about the boundaries, a land survey is necessary as it is done as per the city council’s norms. Also, you need to have the survey report approved from the Council before beginning with the architectural design of the property. We have complete knowledge about the Kurri Kurri council norms and we can help you with a detailed land surveying report.

Purchasing a Property

Similarly, as in property construction, surveying is equally important while purchasing a property. The boundaries of the property are often marked by pins which are not reliable. Thus, surveying will help in identifying the real boundaries and in turn help you in analysing the real worth of the property. So, a property surveying service will save you from paying extra money in comparison to the land you will be acquiring. We have the specifications from the council and will survey the land accordingly.

Selling a Property

While selling a property, the surveying services will help you in estimating the actual worth of your property. So, you can decide on the sale prices accordingly. This will help both the parties. We also enlist the merits and negatives of the property while preparing the surveying report. The surveyors will not only help in analysing the property but also help in quoting a price for the property as per its worth.

Apart from the above, surveying services are also required for redefinition plans, engineering projects, rural surveys, land subdivision, and more. Surveyors Newcastle offers all these services in Kurri Kurri and areas served. So, if you are looking for an experienced surveyor in Kurri Kurri, get in touch with us. You can post your requirements at the ‘Quote’ page on the website and get a free quote. We will brief you about the project and provide a no-obligation quote. And, once the services are hired, timeline, cost, and other formalities will be discussed. We claim to offer the best surveying services at affordable prices.